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Webster's Loose Leaf Tea

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Tea is the world’s oldest beverage estimated to be around 5000 years old. It’s also the most consumed drink after water at 3 billion cups a day, and 1.5 trillion cups a year!

It is a natural timeout, a pick-me-up, and the solution to the majority of life’s problems – if tea can’t fix it, it’s serious! 

About Mr Webster... 

During Webster’s OE through Asia and beyond, he developed a hankering for loose leaf tea, soaking up the brew and everything about it.

When he returned to New Zealand the tea situation slapped him like a wet tea bag to the face – Kiwis had settled for tasteless, bagged dust as tea. Somewhere along the way we became too busy and convenience sucked the goodness out of our brew.

Determined to redeem NZ’s cuppa, Webster’s blends use quality organic ingredients for loose leaf tea that look, smell, and taste ridiculously good.

You can drink Webster’s Tea in store at The Craft Haus or buy online here.