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Whittaker's Almond Gold Slab

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Roasted almonds and Creamy Milk chocolate. A combination some are quite rightly addicted to.

Chocolate is one of life's utter pleasures. And for the Whittaker family, the only pleasure greater is getting to craft their own chocolate everyday, making it as divine and delicious as possible.

It was James Henry Whittaker who first got a taste for the stuff when he was working for a confectioner in England, at the age of 14. 

He came to New Zealand back in 1890 and began to put his chocolate expertise to use for himself. He started making his own in his Christchurch home. Using his horse he would sell it door to door.

He moved to Wellington and since 1896 J.H. Whittaker's has been making New Zealand's premium chocolate.

Today the company is still owned and run by the Whittaker family and made in windy Wellington.

We just love it - so best you get in quick before our shop staff eat it all themselves!!


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